About Frank Leonhardt

Frank Leonhardt is best known to the largest number of people as the first Technical Editor of Personal Computer World magazine, and subsequent regular contributions to the best of the computing and technology press. This followed ten-year career designing and programming microcomputers, and has been followed by an even longer period working on high-performance secure computing systems and forensic investigation. In his spare time he campaigns on a variety of issues mostly related to the collective insanity present in modern society.

Things have moved on since the days when everyone read PCW and computing was primarily a technical topic, so there is no monthly column currently in print. He does pop up here and there, ghosts quite a bit and there are always academic paper, a books and occasional posting hereabouts.

Telephone: +44 870-740-7151
Email: st-b-422@fjl.co.uk

(Anyone thinking of spamming this email should think again – it’s not legal for B2B marketing and you will be widely blacklisted)

Last modified 19th June 2006