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This blog receives hundreds of comments a week – mostly from spammers. They’re filtered out and used for research. Any spammer with a brain would figure out who runs this blog and keep well away, but most of them don’t possess that much thinking capacity.

To prevent spam, every new poster is checked out to some extent before they’re allowed to post freely. First posts that look like they might be spam could be dropped automatically by the spam filters.

Unfortunately this process often leads to a delay in comments appearing; I hope you understand.

However, no valid comment is ever censored – arguments welcomed.

Just three  rules – no swearing, no personal attacks and nothing illegal. Disagree politely. Impolite comments might be edited to remove the profanity and abuse before being let through (if there’s anything of them left). Mild abuse directed to public figures might be okay in a constructive context. If you see anything crossing the line that I’ve missed, please draw it to my attention.

The above notwithstanding, the views expressed by people leaving comments belong to those leaving comments.

One Reply to “Rules for comments”

  1. Hi I contacted Talk Talk about a explot on their routers and even after saying I would not be posting it online for all to see the Talk Talk OCE posted this

    Re: Talk Talk routers hacked
    Hi Rodney,

    “If you would like to raise any specific points can please explain concisely exactly what they are and we’ll be happy to pass them on the the relevant teams :)


    Thinking its just some guy posting rubbish. even if was which is not they still need to deal with it properly but am told to post exactly..

    From here

    please act fast ad they like to edit and remove when it could be a wrong move (whihc it is)

    I am sick of Talk Talk ignoring customers and the rest of the worlds standards and losting customer data because of it.

    I am post this to as many press plaece as I can and willing to give more info on matter

    Please act on this as its a serioue matter.


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