Flash Crash (Adobe version)

AGet the dobe Flash (the browser plug-in) is notorious as a security risk, and the current batch of known exploits does nothing to improve it’s reputation. Sorry Adobe.
CVE-2016-1010 is the latest biggie, as it allows remote code execution on all but the very latest plug-in. There’s also CVE-2015-8651, CVE-2015-7645, CVE-2016-0963 and CVE-2016-0993 to worry about.

You should, of course, make sure that you have the latest plugging installed on your browser. Unfortunately the version numbering system varies by platform so I can’t easily tell you which you need.

When looking at multifarious Adobe Flash vulnerabilities in the NIST database I’m always amused to note that it appears to be written in Coldfusion. For the last ten years that’s been Adobe Coldfusion. Oh my!