Spam from global switch

My spam traps pick up dodgy emails from all sorts, including large companies that ought to know better. But today one was hit with a marketing communication from Global Switch. Not from an errant client of the data centre, but from Global Switch themselves, marketing their rack space (half price for the first 12 months, apparently).

I’m not sure what to make of this, but if you’re thinking of starting up a spamming operation, Global Switch looks like the place to be. If they don’t care whether they’re using legitimate, opt-in lists, why should they hassle their customers. Needless to say I contacted them about it; needless to say there was no one available to comment. If anyone from Global Switch is out there, it’s still not too late.


I did get through to Global’s sales team. While they stopped short of condemning the practice, they said they’d investigate if I gave them enough information to identify the honeypot. I’m sure they’d wouldn’t have bought the list they used if they suspected it was dodgy, which just goes to show.


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