Air Conditioning at PMC of Pinner

Last spring I took my car to PMC of in Pinner to have the air condition serviced. They drained and refilled it and then noticed that the compressor wasn’t going around because the clutch had worn out (believable). It didn’t really need re-gassing. They decided that they couldn’t fix it unless I paid £600 for a new compressor, but that I should pay £80 for the re-gassing anyway.

Is this what you expect from a garage that calls itself an “Air Conditioning Specialist”? Well, yes, probably. I objected and said that if I paid the bill for their incompetent part-service it would be on the the basis that I’d also tell everyone I know what I though of them. Anyone with half a brain would have checked the compressor was turning before trying to cure the lack of performance by re-gassing. PMC decided to insist on payment, giving me the green to slag them off and see who’d listen.

Rather than actually slagging them off straight away, I took the car to a couple of real specialists (including the Volvo main agent), just to check my facts first, and by the time I’d confirmed the bad service I’d got better things to do than actively moan about them. Until now.

These idiots had the brass neck to send me a text message (without my permission) with a special offer on aircon servicing. I don’t think so, somehow!



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