Hotpoint FDW65A dishwasher recall

I should be happy with Hotpoint. They have identified a fault in one of the modules fitted to the FDW20 FDW60 and FDW65A dishwashers that could lead to them catching fire. They’ve also traced customers (such as myself), written to them and asked to replace the module, using a “qualified engineer”. Are they bothering to use qualified engineers rather than trained technicians for such a menial job? Well I’m for anyone employing qualified engineers (with an engineering degree; registered with the engineering council and so on). I do hope they’re not telling porky pies about their educational status. I’ll let you know when he/she turns up!

For I have been waiting at home since 8am for said engineer to arrive. Apparently, if you have a “mobile”, they’ll TXT U A MRE PRCSE TM. If you don’t, or you’re in a zero coverage area so can’t receive SMS, you’re reliant to them to call you with a time. And I’ve been waiting by the ‘phone for just such a call. Or email, as arranged last week with customer services.

You can, however, call the premium rate telephone number that is given on the on the original letter and repeated prominently on subsequent emails. I think not. Anyone pulling this stunt in complete contempt of their supposedly valued customers doesn’t deserve any. They don’t even give a “premium rate” warning when quoting it, so I’m writing to Ofcom after I’ve posted this.

If you have one of these machines, sold in the UK with a serial number greater than 60600xxxxxxx, you can email them on Hotpoint is actually a “brand” owned by Indesit, and you can call them at normal rates on 01733 287691 and try to get to the right department. If and when this engineer turns up I’ll update with the actual nature of  the fault (for any other qualified engineers out there who may be curious!)



Well the guy turned up and he was very nice, helpful and I can’t complain at all about him – in fact I’d have him back! He discovered about the cellphone blackspot when trying to get his laptop to connect back to base though. It turns out that the “problem” is with discrete spade connectors to the control board. Apparently this has been known to cause problems, presumably when they’re strained. So, new control board with caged contacts. I pointed out that this was a tenuous design flaw at best, but it turns out that BBC Watchdog has featured it. It sounds like more shoddy journalism blowing it out of proportion again.


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