No-IP, no sales

No IP is my Dynamic DNS provider of choice. They provide a fuss free service if you need to assign a DNS entry to a dynamic address, and it’s also free of charge. What’s not to like?

If that’s not reason enough to support them, they had a bit of bullying from Microsoft lately, but are now back on-line. If I needed an external DNS provider, I reckon they deserve my business. So how curious that they don’t have a sales department? At least none that I’ve been able to contact. Out of desperation I emailed the webmaster (the most likely contact in their published list) and got an (automated) reply suggesting I raise a support ticket.

Needless to say, when I tried to raise a ticket it asked me a load of questions about the product I had. “Not applicable”.

If it turns to be too much hassle trying to buy a service from them, I’ll just have to peer with someone. Does anyone with BIND running in a DS that I’m not in want to do a swap on DNS replication? Why? 512K day, that’s why!

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