Windstream spammers

Poor old Windstream, or should that be Spamstream? Okay, perhaps not a laughing matter for them as stuff is coming from their outgoing mail cluster thick and fast, but we’ve just sent off a dozen samples and are awaiting a response. Pretty unremarkable, really, except they have an on-line help/chat facility and we just had to have a go…

Wendy: Hello, I am Wendy our Virtual Agent. I am here to help you with your support questions on High-Speed Internet, Digital TV and Home Phone.
You: We’re getting a lot of spam from a couple of your SMTP servers. Is there any reason why we shouldn’t blacklist all your IP addresses?
Wendy: I would be happy to help you set up your e-mail. Choose what you would like help with from the options below:
– Server and port settings for Windstream e-mail
– Detailed instructions to set up e-mail
Ho hum! Let’s help their abuse department is better than their on-line support service. And sorry guys, but you are spewing…

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