Kids can review Kindle books in their parents’ names

Occasionally I write the odd review on Amazon products directly on Amazon. This is normally information I wish I had when I was looking for an item or book. Then, today, I was clicking about and came upon a list of things I’d written about:


Now I don’t remember reviewing E. Nesbit’s classic, and I prefer her Barnstable series anyway (although I doubt it’d be PC enough to make in to a film, so its merits are less widely appreciated).

So what’s going on here? And I certainly don’t remember reading “The Ugly Duckling”, illustrated or otherwise.

And then I realised – this was my daughter using a Kindle attached to my account. It appears that it’s possible to rate books from it directly, and this she has obviously done. In my name.

Her pronouncements as to their literary merit  may be valid, especially for someone her age, but this needs to be made clear.

I’ve sent some pointed feedback to Amazon on this point, and will wait to see what happens.


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