Lincolnshire Council in £1M ransomware plot

Coat_of_arms_of_Lincolnshire_County_CouncilReports are that Lincolnshire Council has been shut down for four days because it’s been targeted by ransomware that has encrypted all its files. That they’ve been a victim of such a scam doesn’t surprise me – it’s all too common. What’s moving my eyebrows skyward is the fact that the criminals are asking for £1M to restore their data.

I’ve seen a lot of this before, and the criminals generally ask for a sum that it’s easier to pay than mess around trying to repair the damage. In other words, £500 is normal but £1M is not. For this to be credible, someone would have had to target them specifically, and come up with a plot to damage a lot of data in one go. This is possible if one PC has R/W access to a lot of files on a server, but for the criminals to expect to do this value of damage the council would have to be pretty incompetent and the criminals would have had to know this for certain. (What am I saying?)

From the BBC report there are a couple of interesting lines:

“The authority said it was working with its computer security provider to apply a fix to its systems.”

Hmm. So who is their computer security provider? If they have one that’s any good, the network would have been set up to avoid such wholesale damage. Serco took over the Council’s IT operations in April 2015. in a £70M+ deal. Whether the outsource company has outsourced the “security provision” is a little harder to know.

Further down the BBC article it says:

“Chief information officer Judith Hetherington-Smith said only a small number of files were affected.”

If that was true, restore them from a backup or take the hit – how can a small number of files be worth £1M?

Locking down the network after such an attack is a good idea, and this would disrupt office services for certain. But something just doesn’t add up here. It’s possible that the £1M ransom demand has been made up, to cover their embarrassment. Or it could just be sloppy journalism by the BBC – no facts checked and a story about some ransomware being blown out of all proportions. Serious news media haven’t had much to say on the subject. The Register has covered it, but has not repeated the £1M ransom claim.

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