New mystery “Appear in Court” malware

In the early hours of the morning (BST) I intercepted a large number of emails of the “Appear in Court” variety, but unlike usual, these were not Microsoft documents but JavaScript (stored in a .ZIP file). They end in .doc.js, which means they obviously look odd.

I couldn’t resist running a few, to see what they did, and the answer is not much. They run cmd.exe and I’m pretty sure it does an egg hunt to find some code in core to execute, and it goes looking for DOCUME~1.DOC in various likely locations. But in my sandbox, it doesn’t get anywhere.

These are being spammed from clean IP addresses, no AV currently detects them by signature, so they’re going to get through. But what do they need to run, and what do they do if they succeed? Unfortunately I can’t stick around this morning to check further.

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