Australia bites back

Well known conspiracy theorist and tennis player Novak Djokovic appears to have gained entry to Australia without the covid-19 vaccination that he and his wife Jelena oppose, even though it’s a requirement for everyone else.

Jelena Djokovic is on record as believing that 5G mobile phones are the real cause of Covid-19.

It appears Djokovic obtained this exception on a technicality – that he’d tested positive for Covid19 in the last six months. Normally exemptions are granted by an independent (and blind) panel to people with documented medical conditions (usually cardiac) that would make vaccination risky. Immunity through past infection makes the matter less urgent. Does Djokovic really have a dicky ticker? You wouldn’t think so to look at him.

Now the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has said he could be on the next plane home because of another technicality – his visa was completed incorrectly.

You’ve got to admire the Australian way of doing things. However, I’d be surprised if the wealth of the rich and famous doesn’t prevail. But whilst I have no interest in watching tennis, I must say this is the shaping up to be the best soap opera coming out of the country since neighbours.

Meanwhile, in France, their controversial but entertaining president has made it clear his strategy is to “piss off” the vaccine dodgers, rather than forcing them to be vaccinated by law.

« Moi, je ne suis pas pour emmerder les Français », confie-t-il tout d’abord. Mais « je peste toute la journée contre l’administration quand elle les bloque. Eh bien, là, les non-vaccinés, j’ai très envie de les emmerder. Et donc, on va continuer de le faire, jusqu’au bout. C’est ça, la stratégie ». Source: Le Parisien

To put this in to context, the UK has been playing softly with the anti-vaxxers, but other European countries are gearing up for compulsory vaccination – starting with Austria, with Italy and Germany not far behind.

Has Macron gone mad? Politicians on the left and right have condemned his language, and the admission of his strategy. However, with 90% of France vaccinated, I suspect he’s gambling that the majority have lost patience with the needle-phobic 10% playing Jacques, and he’s basically asking people to side with him or them. Media politicians have been tricked into knee-jerk siding siding with “them”.

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