CPC charging for free delivery! Well, not quite…

CPC Farnell is great. Most of the time. They’re a well established supplier of electronic bits and pieces (components) and they’ve recently branched out in to various other items of hardware. The prices are good, the service is spot on, and they’re based in England with sensible people at the end of the ‘phone. Their catalogue and web site is best suited to professional purchasers who know what they want and can see behind the manufacturer’s marketing descriptions, but that’s just fine. They’re box shifters, but they’re very good box shifters.

Last week they had a “special offer” for free delivery, even for small orders. I needed some cables forgotten from an earlier main order, so took advantage of the offer, only to discover on the paperwork that I was nonetheless charged! Being a good company to deal with in the past, I gave them a call. Apparently some genius there made the “free delivery” offer, but the web site software knew nothing about it and has been telling everyone they’ve been hit with a handling charge ever since. I suspect their operators are getting a bit hacked off with the complaints, although they’re still professional and courteous and friendly.

So if you’re reading this, and are wondering about whether you’ve been stitched up, relax. They haven’t gone mad; their on-line ordering system is just a bit trailing-edge. I’m still happy to recommend them as a supplier. And as far as I know, they pay all their UK taxes.