BBC reports hacking scam – brace yourselves for more chain emails

You saw it here first –

I’ve just spotted this tucked away on the BBC News website:

Suspect hacker calling residents

A warning has been issued about a suspected computer hacker who has been calling residents on the Isle of Man.

Identifying himself only as “Mark”, he does not state a surname or a company, but says he is phoning regarding a complaint of slow internet connection.

He then asks the computer user to give him remote access by typing in

The instructions should not be followed and people should contact their service provider, police have said.

Yeah, right!

(a) this smells like a typical hoax, recognisable to anyone who knows anything about computer security; and
(b) it’s going to turn up on an email chain letter sooner or later.

The BBC has great difficulty reporting on anything to do with technology, as they’re all seem to be media studies graduates. But surely journalist are supposed to check their facts anyway?

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