No Justice for Ian Tomlinson

The CPS isn’t going to prosecute anyone over the death of Mr Tomlinson at the G20 protests following an unprovoked attack by a police officer (Simon Harwood). They say that he was definitely assaulted, but they can’t prove the link between the assault and his subsequent death. “There is no reasonable chance of a conviction” because of this. Two pathologists though he was killed because the injuries lead to a heart attack, one thought it was a heart attack that might have been from natural causes.

Actual Bodily Harm was also ruled out because, apparently, there’s dispute as to whether the internal injuries caused by fall lead to his death, and the appropriate charge would then be manslaughter – and you can’t have both.

Common assault (from the baton attack), which caused a less serious injury, can’t be pursued because the six month time limit has expired.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (Kier Starmer QC), Steven O’Doherty and Tim Owen QC are responsible for this decision. Kier Starmer (named after Keir Hardie) is, of course, closely associated with the Labour party and the previous government (appointed in 2008) .

This is a disgrace. There’s nothing more to say.

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  1. Ian Tomlinson who died at the hands of police officer Simon Harwood at the G20 protests in London 2009 has now become one of over 1000 victims of unlawful deaths in UK police custody since the 60’s. He and his family are now victims of the UK judicial system leaving us in no doubt that we now live in a self protecting police state.
    Please see our video report ‘Death of Ian Tomlinson 1 year on – Bill Maloney Reports’ and leave any comments:
    Thanks for helping to expose this outrageous injustice to Ian Tomlinson and his family
    “No Justice – No Peace”

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