Sally Bercow

I’m riding home on the tube with my complimentary copy of the Evening Standard, looking at a photo of Sally Burcow (New Labour activist wife of the Speaker) wearing “nothing but a sheet”, accompanied by an interview concentrating on how “sexy” the office of Speaker and politics in general cab be.

This is either part of a plot to deliberately discredit her nominally Tory husband, or perhaps she really is that naive. If it’s the latter, you’d have thought he’d know better, at least.

Actually, I don’t think John Berco needs any more discrediting – it’s time for him to go.

Incidentally, it’s not the choice of sheet that bothers me personally, it’s the nature of the interview.

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  1. Okay, now we know. Some Evening Standard hacks tricked Sally Burcow into this with the story that it was part of a general feature on St. Valentine’s Day. They were obviously out to get her, and she’s probably been regretting talking to them ever since. Whether husband John approved of this folly beforehand remains unclear.

    Absolutely no one has come out of this looking good, particularly the journalists responsible.

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