Dodgy “bulk email” operators

I’m forever receiving emails from “bulk email” companies that claim to be “opt-in” but are using addresses that are culled from elsewhere. The elsewhere basically means they’re not real email addresses and could not possibly have been the subject of an opt-in.

After replying to these with an unsubscribe request (on the assumption that they might be legitimate, but have accidentally purchased a dodgy list) I though I’d list them here if the emails don’t stop.

If your name is on this list and you think you’re innocent and can prove it, it will, of course, be removed. If the mail header shows it’s coming from your server and you’ve ignored unsubscribe requests you can explain why. Your protestations will be published along with the other evidence, and Internet users can decide your innocence or guilt.

05th June 2012 Tech Users Centre, Inc. 60 Cannon St. London
05th June 2012
05th June 2012 Simply Media Network, LTD., 48 Charlotte St, London (aka Comunicado Limited 6/43 Bedford St)
03rd June 2012
02nd June 2012 Marketing Empire UK (
01st June 2012 (Smilepod, 23 Rose Street
Covent Garden )
01st June 2012 Comunicado Limited 6/43 Bedford St
01st June 2012 domainmail (on behalf of Insured Health)
31st May 2012 National Training Resources Limited
31st May 2012, PO Box 4380 Tamworth.
31st May 2012 Comunicado Limited 6/43 Bedford
29th May 2012 Nuance Communications
25th May 2012 Comunicado Ltd, 6/43 Bedford Street
24th May 2012 Oxeta
24th May 2012
24th May 2012 Comunicado Limited
22nd May 2012, 199 New Road, Skewen
16th May 2012 Consulmax (
16th May 2012 domainmail (
11th April 2012

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  1. I am being inundated with loan shark companies emails they are overloading my mail box & i unsubscribe to all of these emails even though i have never subscribed in the first place.
    After using the search engine i found several phone numbers for this company but none of which were real and i am at a loss as to how to contact this company to stop this nonsense can you help me at all , it seems all these companies are using Simply Media Uk Ltd but are based in America.

    1. Hi William,

      I’d forgotten about this list. None of the companies named and shamed has been bothered enough to ever contact me and deny their guilt.

      Others to add to the roll of dishonor this week include:
      * Name deleted see below *
      Magic Thermodynamic Box Ltd, 44/54 Orsett Road, Grays, Essex, RM17 5ED
      Happy Tree Emails c/o Tim Durman, 5 Langstone Suit, Langstone Technology Park, Havant, Hants PO9 1SA
      PCD Computer Recycling Ltd, 35 Alston Drive, Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes, Bucks MK13 9HA
      Liquidity Central Limited: Border House, Station Road, Wakes Colne, Essex CO6 2DS.

      And, of course, the spammer we all love to hate:

      Charming Events Ltd, 29 Willow Way, Ampthill, Bedfordshire MK45 2SL, United Kingdom

      These guys I actually unsubscribe from a spam-trap about once a week but still they keep sending, although apparently there is a real business behind what they’re selling. It’s their marketing that’s the problem. I strongly suspect they’re linked with Communicado (see above).

      As to Simply Media UK, they could have a registered office, along with many other companies, in Margaret Street, London (behind Oxford Street). I doubt this will help. Sorry.

      1. Hi Frank.

        I’m speaking for *Name Deleted*, one of the companies you added to your roll of doshonor. As an European ESP, our users have to follow the opt-in rules (check our anti spam policy page

        Usually, our system stop bad sender behaviours after the first 200 emails of a campaign have been sent. That means that, alas, some of the unrequested bulk emails have been sent to recipients who did not give their explicit authorisation.

        We can not control how our users get their contact lists. But should a user have bad practices, we will contact him and kick him out of our services if he does not comply with our opt-in and anti-spam policy.

        1. Hi Thomas,

          Senders end up on that list because they’re sending mail to spamtraps – email addresses that do not exist as real people and therefore cannot be opted in. As an extra check, we unsubscribe anyway and send an email to the abuse contacting containing the line “We collect and publish research data on ISPs’ responses to abuse reports”, and if there’s no satisfactory response or another arrives then you end up listed here. As you are obviously worried about this kind of thing and you’ve taken the trouble to leave a note I’m quite happy to take you off again (and removed all identification from your comment).

          I’m very well aware of the market for dodgy mailing lists and the chances of innocent organisations buying and using them; and the practical difficulties companies like yours have in preventing abuse. No one else on the list has ever responded to any reports or questions.

  2. Comunicado Limited 6/43 Bedford Street – (or in one of their emails Bedord Street)

    Definite Spammers. And displaying an illegal address as their head office as UK company law does not permit the use of a P.O. box or equivalent as a registered office. Have reported this to Companies House.

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