Anonymous to attack World Cup sponsors

According to an article in the Guardian, Anonymous is planning attacks on World Cup sponsors to coincide with the football tournament in a few days time. Whilst I certainly disapprove of all types of cybercrime, I have to admit that the rationale for such an escapade has my sympathy.

Someone calling himself Che Commodore has claimed to be part of the Anonymous collective, and is a name that popped up a lot last year in connection with Anonymous Brazil. He’s hacked off because the Brazilian government is spending loads of money on a football tournament while people in the country are starving (putting the case directly and emotively). Attacking the commercial sponsors for colluding with this is an obvious choice.

Is he serious about the threat? The Guardian figures he must be, because he wouldn’t be boasting about it early unless everything was in place. I’m less convinced. Forewarning allows sites to get ready to use scrubbing centres against DDoS attacks. Is it really a “watch this space”, or is it a bluff? In the absence of any evidence that the self-styled Anonymous Brazil has the capabilities to carry out such an attack, I have to disagree with the Guardian (once again) and go with it being a bluff. But it’s a good one, as it’s raised awareness of the warped priorities that lead to huge amounts of money being spent on sports tournaments, in excesses reminiscent of the circus maximus. But you can only bluff once, and I suspect Mr Commodore’s stunt isn’t going to go down well with other users of the anonymous Moniker.

Personally I’m already boycotting as many of the sponsors as I can, but the intrigue has got me marginally interested in the World Cup for the first time ever.


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