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Another in my occasional series of desperate sales pitches:

A friend said his company web site looked a bit sad. It is a bit dull. There’s not much in the way of product photos, only soothing words. I’m not one for the pictures with everything craze, but in this case an illustration would be worth a bit thousand words.

“Get some proper photography done, and I don’t mean iPhone snaps. That’s all you need.”, I said.

A few days later, after talking to his prospective web developer, he came back with the following:

“…I have told that using iphone pictures is good internationally since the pixel number is lower [which means web pages] loading quicker”

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  1. Whats wrong with a iphone! Theyre good cameras. Ive taken lots of good shots with one.

    1. The iPhone camera is better than average. L00k at the iphone 6. Its got optical image stabilization and phase detection autofocus like the latest Canon EOS.

      1. The specifications of the Apple cameras are mind-boggling indeed BUT the lens is wide-angle. Sometime wide-angle isn’t what you want.

        Anyway, a bit off the point as it’s the flim-flam concerning the size of the photographs on a web page that’s the BS here!

        1. Agreed about the download speed shit, but you can zoom in on an iphone camera. You said that the iphone was no good.

          1. Actually, you can’t zoom an iPhone camera. All you can do is crop the wide-angle image. It doesn’t make any difference whether you crop it when you take the picture, or afterwards in photoshop. The focal length remains the same, which makes it wide-angle regardless. Objects close to the camera appear over-sized; objects further away appear over-shrunk. It just looks weird.

            But the point about good quality photography is that it needs to be done properly (whatever the camera) – some time and skill is needed to get a good shot. Rarely is a quick snap with an iPhone (or other camera phone) going to look good, unless you get lucky. It’s not so much the camera as the nut holding it :-)

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