BT Internet Mail Fail (again)

BT Internet’s email system is broken AGAIN. It rejects everything it gets as “spam” (554 Message rejected, policy ( – Your message looks like SPAM or has been reported as SPAM please read…)

Having checked against blacklists, and sent perfectly innocuous test text messages to friends account, it’s definitely busted.

My advice to anyone using BT Internet for important email is to get a proper account with a proper provider (or handle your email in-house if your name is not Fred and you don’t work from a shed).

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  1. I’d love my email to test as SPAM, it’s not getting a chance as I can’t even get into my account. They have me in a continuous loop resetting my password and telling me wrong password, start again. They eventually tell me too many log in attempts and for security they’re locking my account for 12 hours!

    Now with the security breaches to Yahoo recently I have no idea if someone has hacked my account as I cannot access it, just keep going round in this never ending circle, wheeeee!

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