Baofeng DM-9HX programming software

Until Baofeng gets around to putting it on its web site, you can download a copy here  DM-9HX Program Software. Use at your own risk, but it came direct from the CD.

I assume this is probably Baofeng’s copyright, although it’s never been claimed.  I asked last year if it was okay to pass it on, and haven’t been told I can’t.


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  1. I installed the software but when I try to connect to the radio it says comm port 1 already open It appears the comm port is set in the ini file, have you any ideas please?
    Brian Russell

    1. All I can say is that I don’t remember having that problem, but I’m not surprised knowing Windoze. USB -> Serial adapters (physical or otherwise) get assigned in a rather haphazard manner when they get plugged in.

      I’d start looking for a problem by going to Windoze “Device Manager” (run from the command line as “devmgmt.msc” if you can’t find where Microsoft has hidden in).

      Look for “Ports (COM and LPT)” and you’ll see what it thinks it has plugged in. If you right-click on one of these and select “Properties” from the menu it’ll let you fiddle with the settings. The “Port Setting” followed by the “Advanced” button will let you re-map the port number.

      Hope this helps!

      1. I have done all that, the device manager shows a yellow triangle which normaly infers wrong device driver. Do you know which chipset the USB adaptor uses?.
        Thank you for your help
        Regards Brian

        1. Sorry – I can’t remember which USB->RS232 chip the standard cable uses (and that assumes there’s such a thing as a “standard” cable). I think it’s a normal Prolific PL230x. You may be right about the driver but I don’t recall every having to install a special driver, although I may have had it installed for something else.

          If I’m having problems I normally plug such things into FreeBSD, where I’m more familiar with the diagnostic information. Someone else reading this might possibly be able to add a Windows version?

          Going back to Windows Device Mangler… Have you selected the option “Show hidden devices” under view? I keep forgetting that Microsoft is stupid enough to think you might not want full information on devices, and will hide some for you – particularly USB devices that are installed but not in use. The unplugged COM port remains in the system waiting for you to plug it in again, but Windows hides it from you.

          If that fails, you can look in the registry.


          The key “COM Name Arbiter\Devices” looks promising!

          If that fails I’ll try to dig out a DM9HX and try to replicate. I haven’t played with it during COVID19.

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