BlueWatchDog Review

This is an almost brilliant idea. The BlueWatchDog is a thick credit-card sized device that picks up the signal from your paired Bluetooth ‘phone, and if it gets separated from it, sounds an alarm. Great if you’re the type to leave your Blackberry behind or you iPhone is pinched from you handbag. At just £40 it could save you a lot of hassle.
I said it was “almost” brilliant. The snag is that it requires an application running on the mobile device. It’d have been better if it could pair with anything Bluetooth, at least as an option. The application can be used to set the range before the alarm is set off but this is functionally you could live without. As it stands it works with Android, RIM and Apple mobiles. Apple, incidentally, didn’t like the idea of them giving the App away but the company have struck a deal to make this possible.

I managed to speak with the inventor and suggested a version that would work with any Bluetooth unit – possibly by treating it an audio device. Watch this space (and I hope he sends me a sample!)
0800 999 2177

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