So, Wikileaks has dumped a whole load of US diplomatic dispatches on the web. What fun. What interesting tit-bits can be gleened?

Well, it seems like some US diplomats think Robert Mugabee, Kim Jong-il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are all bad news. Fancy that. Who’d have thought it? Another diplomat thinks Prince Andrew was a rather forthright on a trade mission – calling the abortive fraud investigation a waste of time. What did this diplomat expect? Kissing babies and collecting flowers?

Apparently a lot of people on the Middle East don’t trust the Iranian’s nuclear programme and want something done about it. No kidding!

This isn’t news. There’s no conspiricy theory being confirmed. This is all an exercise in the art of the obvious. It might have been interesting to learn that South Korea and China weren’t perparing for a change of reigime in the North, but no, they’re on the case.

With no jucy conspiricy being reported, one might wonder what all the fuss has been about. So here’s a conspiricy theory about the conspiricy theory: The news media are reporting all this non-news to distract attention from some really interesting stuff buried in the 250,000 documents released. Perhaps, but given that (apparently) two and a half million American government employees have access to this stuff anyway, if there was anything really new to be found it’d be out in the open anyway.

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