Error 0x8002007 installing Security Essentials

Good one this! If you’re trying to install Microsoft Security Essentials and it crashes out with Error 0x8002007, clicking on the Help link doesn’t really help.

If you read the technet blurb it relates to the Windows Update service not working, and if you believe this you’re going to waste a lot of time trying to repair it. I did. But the solution was really simple.

If you’re using Windows XP the Microsoft site will give you the Vista/Windows 7 version by default! Hunt around for the Windows XP 32-bit version, download that and it’ll probably work. Just don’t click the “Download Now” button because it doesn’t check which one you need – or give you the choice.

Some genuis programmers at Microsoft didn’t bother to check the version number as soon as start to run the installer. I wonder why not.

The one you get by default is:


The one you probably want is:


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