Infosec 2014 set to be disrupted by tube strike

It could hardly come at a worse time for Infosec, the UK’s best Information Security show due to take place at Earls Court next week. The RMT is planning a tube strike through the middle of it. Infosec 2014 runs from 29th April to 1st May; the strike runs from the evening before and services aren’t expected to resume until the 1st May. As many exhibitors shut up early on that day and head for home, and the real networking happens in the evenings at the hostelries around Earl’s Court, this is something of a disaster.

On a personal note, the largest outlet for my scribblings on the show in recent years shut up shop at the end of 2013; I’ll be putting the trade stuff in the Extreme Computing newsletter and probably blogging a lot more of it here. If I can get there. I shall try my best, and blog live as the show continues.

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