Sage 2011? Line 50 with a proper database

Today I ran in to my “old friends” Sage at a computer show; they didn’t recognise me and tried to interest me in Sage Accounting for my business. I was wearing a suit, I suppose. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for them to catch on, after which I turned the subject to the subject of Line 50 using a proper database.

You might have got the impression I really don’t like Sage. That’s not strictly true; the issue is that I really don’t like the idea of Line 50 being sold to SMEs planning to use it for anything non-trivial. Interestingly, the people from Sage agree – at least in private. The database driven version to cure the problemhas been promised for four years, so they’re obviously aware of the issue!

So when’s it coming? Apparently in Sage 2011, due out in August 2010. “Really?” I said. “Yes, definitely. At least that’s the plan”, they said.

I pushed a bit further – would it be using mySQL as promised or would they wimp-out and use the lightweight Microsoft server. I didn’t get an answer, which confirms my fears, but even a Microsoft SQL server is better that the current arrangement.

I tried to discuss the performance issues for people upgrading to Line 50 Version 2010 with them, but I got the impression they were a bit jaded on the subject, and did a very poor job of feigning surprise.

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